Summer 2018
And don't forget: October is National Magic Month!
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Libraries Rock!
For the summer 2018, "Libraries Rock!," I am offering a workshop on building and flying Air Powered Rockets and Airplanes using paper, balloons, straws, and modeling clay. We are not building “stomp rockets.”

Upon the completion of our planes and rockets, we will learn basic aerodynamics enabling our aircraft fly further, straighter, and perform stunts.

My experience comes from a life time of aircraft enthusiasm and model building. From an early age I was designing and flying my own gas powered model aircraft, several of which I still have, include one model that reaches speeds of over 100 mph!

This workshop is best for grades 1 and up. Although I will provide hands on help as needed, patrons must have basic manual dexterity and to be able to understand and follow simple art and craft instructions; of course, parents are always welcomed to join in! All materials are included.
"Loved that you arrived early to set up. They, the parents and children, were all attentive and enjoyed the show!"
Mary Wing, Woburn Public Library, 2015
"The show was fantastic. You were engaging for a wide range of ages!" Sam Sednek, Medford Public Library, 2015
"I expected to see some magic tricks, but I did not expect you to integrate so much Harry Potter/Library comments! Hats off to you, you exceeded my expectations!"
Amy Hindle, Abington Public Library 2015
Rock your Library with Air
Powered Rockets and Airplanes!
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