"Tails and Tales"

Ed the Wizard's programs for 2021

Learn How to make your own Balloon Animals!

Another Family friendly hands on program for all ages!

Each balloon workshop uses professional latex twisting balloons. 

Younger children will need parental help.

Each workshop will take about 45-60 minutes full of fun!

A new magic show full of Fairies and Fantasy!

Learn about Ed the Wizard's own story; his magical journey and inspirations

to became the wizard you know!




A New Magic Show:

For 2020 I am changing Reading is Magic.  This new, yet still interactive performance will be full of Fairies, Dragons and other Mythological creatures encouraging children to find their inspirations and to follow their dreams as I did.


Balloon Twisting: Animals, Aliens, (A big hit for 2020!) and new for 2020: Fairy Wings and Dragons

Learn how to twist and make your own balloon creation.  This workshop is for any age audience or grade level; grades 1-12.  All materials are provided and each child will have several balloons to take home.  (Popping is beyond my control!) This activity is ideal for after school, or Family Night programs.

For 2020 I will have Fairy Wing Balloon twisting for Pre-K and up; Dragon Balloon twisting for ages 7 and up. 


Alchemy Laboratory:  

Learn how to: defy gravity, see through a solid, turn water in ice, etc. 

My Alchemy Laboratory is where “Harry Potter meets real science.”  With the help of many volunteers, using common household items, we will learn and perform magical feats such as: transfiguration, vanishes, levitation, and other forms of “Alchemic Magic.”  Real science such as Bernoulli’s Principle, Electromagnetism, and Optics are involved.  We also discuss the 4 Classic Greek Elements and how Latin was used in Harry Potter for the incantations and spells.  I also donate my book, "Ed the Wizard's Alchemy Laboratory," to the school/library. This program is suitable for all grade levels.


Airplane/Aerodynamic S.T.E.M. Program:

A big hit for both 2018 Libraries Rock and 2019 A Universe of Stories

In this program students are introduced to the basic principles of aerodynamics and flight.  Each student will cut out their own parts as we discuss the purpose of that part and its effect on flight; i.e.: wings- lift, ailerons-roll; elevators-pitch; and rudder-yaw.  After assembly, we will test fly our models and see the effects of the different control surfaces as we attempt loops, barrel rolls, and other stunts.  


This workshop is best for grades 2 and up.  Although I will provide hands on help as needed, students must have basic art and craft skills; we will be using scissors and assembling with tape; all materials are included.  This program requires about 45 minutes for cutting out and assembling the parts, and another 10-15 minutes for flight time.


My experience comes from a life time of aircraft enthusiasm and model building.  From an early age I was designing and flying my own gas powered model aircraft, several of which I still have, include one model that reaches speeds of over 100 mph!  I was also a Crew Chief in the USAF.

Updated 19 October 2020

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