Where to find Ed the Wizard in 2019

These programs are supported in part by a grant from the local cultural councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Updated 24 May 2019

Acushnet, Agawam, Amherst, Attleboro, Bernardston, Billerica, Blackstone, Boylston, Burlington, Brookfield, Carlisle, Clarksburg, Colrain, Dighton, Douglas, Easthampton, East Brookfield, Essex, Fall River, Fitchburg, Freetown, Gardner Foxborough, Greenfield, , Halifax, Hardwick, Haverhill, Holden, Huntington, Lee, Longmeadow, Marlborough, Methuen, Montgomery, New Bedford, New Salem, Norfolk, North Adams, North Reading, Northfield, Otis, Plainville, Rehoboth, Rehoboth, Rockland, Rowe, Russell, Rutland, Sandisfield, Sheffield, Somerset, Sunderland, South Hadley, Southbridge, Swansea, Tewksbury, Tolland, Ware, Northbridge, Winchester, West Newbury, Westfield, Weston, Whitman, Williamstown, Woburn.

(Dates and times may be subject to change without notice; please call ahead.)

2, Western MA Girl Scout Performance. So. Hadley MA
3, Gateway City Arts Brunch
19, Grace Hall Mem Library, Montgomery MA; Alien Balloon Twisting

8, Bement School, Deerfield MA, Reading is Magic
9, NEMCON Magic Conference
14, Russel Council on Aging Lunch, Russell MA
16, Athol Lion's Club Variety Show, Athol MA
20, Willet Elementary, Attleboro MA, Reading is Magic / Alchemy Laboratory
30, Milford CoC Homeshow, Milford MA, Walk Around Magic

7, Carlisle School, Carlisle MA; Reading is Magic
11, Munger Hill, Westfield MA, Reading is Magic/Alchemy Laboratory
18, Sheffield Council on Aging Luncheon, Sheffield MA

26, Amherst Council on Aging Luncheon, Amherst MA

15, Halifax Council on Aging Luncheon, Halifax MA

18 Asparagus Festival, Brookfield MA
22, Holden Council on Aging Luncheon, Holden MA
23, North Adams Council on Aging Luncheon, North Adams MA
29, Fitchburg Council on Aging Luncheon, Fitchburg MA
30, New Salem Library, New Salem MA, Rocket Workshop

5, Riverbend Preschool Graduation, Athol MA

8, Fairy Walk, Hopedale MA
15-16, Mutton and Mead Renaissance Faire, Turners Falls MA
21, Boylston Public Library, Boylston MA, Rocket Workshop
21, Griswold Memorial Library, Colrain MA, Rocket Workshop

22, Hubbardstaon Towm Fair

24, Wheeler Mem. Library, Rocket Workshop
25, Greenfield Public Library,Greenfield MA, Rocket Workshop
26, Russell Memorial Library, Acushnet MA, Rocket Workshop

26, New Bedford Main Library, New Bedford MA,  Rocket Workshop
27, Flint Memorial Library, North Reading, Reading is Magic
27, Somerville Public Library, Somerville MA, Reading is Magic
28, Boyden Library, Foxborough MA, Rocket Workshop
28, T.H.O.P. Library, Essex MA, Camping Magic Show and Workshop
29, Dickinson Memorial Library, Northfield MA, Reading is Magic

1, Dickinson Memorial Library, Easthampton MA, Rocket Workshop
1, Richard Salter Storrs Library, Longmeadow MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
2, Whitinsville Social Library, Northbridge MA, Alchemy Laboratory
2, Young Mens Library Association, Ware MA, Rocket Workshop
3, Levi Heywood Memorial Library, Gardner MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
8, David Joyce Milne Public Library, Williamstown MA, Rocket Workshop
9, Dighton Public Library, Dighton MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
9, Burlington Public Library, Burlington MA, Rocket Workshop
10, Simon Fairfield Public Library, Douglass MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

10, Pelham Library, Pelham MA,Alien Balloon Twisting

July continued:

11, East Brookfield Public Library, East Brookfield MA, Rocket Workshop
13, Public Saftey Complex, Tolland MA, Rocket Workshop
15, Blackstone Free Public Library, Blackstone MA, Rocket Workshop

15, Marlboro Public Library, Marlboro MA, Rocket Workshop
16, Blanding Public Library, Rehoboth MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

16 Winchester Library, Winchester MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
16, Woburn Public Library, Woburn MA, Alchemy Laboratory
17, South Hadley Public Library, South Hadley MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
17, Whitman Public Library, Whitman MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

18, Fall River Public Library, FallRiver MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

18. Nivens Library, Methuen MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

19, Greenfield Ec. Dept. Greenfield MA Magic
20, Sunderland Public Library, Sunderland MA, Rocket Workshop
20, Cushman Library, Bernardstyon MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

22. Weston Library, Weston Ma, Alien Balloon Twisting

23, Rutland Free Public Library, Rutland MA, Rocket Workshop

23, Shutesbuey Library, Shutesbury MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
24, Rowe Town Library, Rowe, MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

25, Clarksburg Town Library, Clarksburg MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
25, Lee Public Library, Lee MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
25, Otis Free Public Library, Otis MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

27, Dickinson Memorial Library, Northfield MA, Reading is Magic
29, Jacob Edwards Library, Suthbridge MA, Alchemy Laboratory
30, Agawam Public Library, Agawam MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
31, Norfolk Public Libary, Norfolk MA, Rocket Workshop

1, Haverhill Public Library, Haverhill MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
1, Tewksbury Public Library, Tewksbury MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

2, Cary Memorial Library, Lexington MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
6, Reading Public Library, Reading MA, ocket Workshop
7, Blanding Public Library, Rehoboth MA, Rocket Workshop
7, G. A. R., Library, West Newbury MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
8, Worthington Library, Worthington MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
8, Huntington Public Librar, Huntington MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
8, Merrick Public Library, Brookfield MA, Rocket Workshop
10-11, Belknap County 4-H Fair, Belknap N.H.
13, Somerset Public Library, Somerset MA, Alien Balloon Twisting
14, Wilks  Branch Library, New Bedford MA, Reading is Magic
14, Plainville Public Library Plainville MA, Rocket Workshop
15, Fall River Public Library, Fall River MA, Rocket Workshop
15, James White Memorial Library, Freetown MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

20, Paige Mem. Library, Hardwick MA, Alchemy Laboratory

24, Sandisfield Public Library, Sandisfield MA, Alien Balloon Twisting

7-8, Wapping Fair, Windsor CT

12, Ron's Oil Customer Appreciation Day Athol MA


20, Bernardston Scarecrow Days

23, Clarksburg Town Library, Alien Balloon Twisting

24, Billerica Public Library, Billerica MA, Alchemy Laboratory
26, Tolland Police Dept, Town Halloween Party

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14, Great Barrington Holiday Stroll

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