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Aerodynamic Airplane S.T.E.M. Program

As this program was a great success for "Libraries Rock" in 2018, I will continue to offer this workshop for school and library S.T.E.M. programs.  Participants will learn about aerodynamics and the history flight as they assemble their own airplane.  As these models are launched by using air pressure and arm strength, they may be launched either in-doors, or out, as weather permits; no chemicals or smoke inducing accelerates are used.   


This program is recommended for grades 2 and up, (ages 7 and older), as participants must have basic Art and Craft skills such as: pattern cutting, taping, and gluing.  These skills are required for assembly.    

"It was a pleasure having you in Northborough this summer!  I will say that everyone in that room came out excited and energized, talking about their rockets and what they learned in the workshop. I think you've got a winner of a program!"

Katrina Ireland-Bilodeau,

Northborough Children's Services Librarian 2018

"Thank you so much for a great program.  All the kids had a good time. It's nice seeing them creating things.  Thanks again for a wonderful program!"

Meg Clancy, Youth Services Librarian

South Hadley Public Library, 2018

"It was great to have you here in Mansfield this week presenting your rocketry and aerodynamics workshop.  I am glad we had a lot of participants and that the kids were able to work together with their friends and loved ones.  It was a diverse group, too, which made me happy.”

Kitty Schacht, Mansfield Library, 2018

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