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Reading is Magic!

School and Library Programs

New for Summer 2024:
Read, Renew, Repeat!

Featuring a unique blend of some new, a few favorites, and
some "recycled" routines;
"dusty" effects from the closet!  
Including some effects that involving
everyday recycling,
and, of course, revisiting your favorite books and stories!


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For video preview, click here

Are you looking for a fun, energetic, program that uses many volunteers and encourages reading?   Reading is Magic is all that and more.  Inspired by Albus Dumbledore, “Ed” decided to become “Ed the Wizard.”  Using his own collection of magic books and visiting his local library, Ed began to teach himself the art of prestidigitation.  Today, Ed the Wizard travels the Northeast performing for schools, libraries, fairs, and private parties.

Reading is Magic demonstrates how inspiration can be found in a book; how a story can change one’s life.  Offering his own life story as inspiration to others, Ed the Wizard promotes and encourages the building of reading skills to all of his audience members.

Reading is Magic is a hands-on 45 minute performance that uses many volunteers.  The audience is challenged with questions throughout the performance followed with a brief Q&A session.  A magic book, to add to your library’s collection, is donated.  

This program is suitable for all age and grade levels as each performance is adapted for the audience at that time.

“We’ve had you many times and you are always well received; a popular returning program!  You ‘read’ young audiences well and have a great rapport with all”

Cathy Charbonneau: Blanding Public Library, Rehoboth MA

"I had heard good things about you and you did not disappoint.  Your show was age appropriate and you were great with the families.  The feedback from both parents and children were great!  You held that large outdoor group captivated with you performance!  We look forward to having you return to our library!"

David Mello: Fall River Public Library Fall River MA

“The performance was wonderful!  Good music, great props, and magic that still has me wondering, ‘how did he do that!’  I noticed that even the adults were impressed with the magic!”

Jennifer Kinder:  East Longmeadow Public Library, East Longmeadow MA

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