Ed the Wizard's  New programs for 2022

iRead's "Beyond the Beaten Path"

Learn how to perform easy impromptu magic using items that you would take on a camping or hiking trip such as: "Fly away Birdie," "Ghost Hankie," "Do as I Do," and of course "How to Cut your Friend in Half!"  I supply all of the materials required for your patrons to have a chance to practice and learn the effects.
OR!!  a NEW Twisting Workshop for 2022!!
Learn Wild Life Balloon Animal Twisting.  In this beginner level class we will learn how to twist a Giraffe, Moose, and an Elephant!
As these are both  "hands on learning" programs, it is recommended for ages 7 and up with limited seating to 30 patrons, not including parents or younger siblings. 

or "An Ocean of Possibilities"

Another Balloon Animal Twisting Workshop! 

NEW for 2022!! Next summer learn how to twist Sea Life Balloon Animals!  Twist your own easy Octopus and a bit more involved Sea Turtle with this is a hands on learning program! (Each animal requires multiple balloons, but this is still a beginner level workshop).  As I need to know how many balloons to inflate before the program, I recommend limited seating of no more that 30 patrons with a signup roster.  I also recommend patrons age 7 and older; they need hands big enough to hold and twist the balloons!  (I always help with twisting as needed.) My balloon twisting workshops have been popular and very well attended! 

Or, choose on of my tried and true programs!

Learn How to make your own Balloon Animals

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More Balloon Twisting Programs: Aliens, Fairy Wings, and Dragons!

 Reading is Magic! Full of Fairies, Fantasy, and Fun!

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Alchemy Laboratory:  





Airplane/Aerodynamic S.T.E.M. Program:

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Two different Magic Classes!

Reading is Magic: 

An all new magic performance with Ed the Wizard!  Learn how it all began!

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Not sure if you will be next this summer?  My programs are available on a thumb-drives for your to post online. 


All of my live programs follow "social distancing guidelines." Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.  They are also available as an online program with unlimited use.