Movie Trailers

for Summer 2021

online programs

Contact Ed the Wizard for price information and links for the full length movie. 

2021 virtual programs

New videos for 2021!

Learn Magic and Balloon Twisting with Ed the Wizard!


Presented as 10 week video classes with new lessons each week.

Each video session is about 10 minutes in length and

 will be available for unlimited use for Summer Reading.

An optional Zoom Q&A final session is available.

Each Magic video will teach patrons how to perform easy

magic effects using coins, cards, mind-reading, and more.

Each Balloon Twisting video will teach how to twist a new animal.

Sessions will build on the last and new twists will be taught.

A list of easy to find balloon supplies will be provided. 

Trailers to be available in February.

These videos will continue to be available for 2021

Reading is Magic Trailer

Reading is Magic Icon.png

Alchemy Laboratory Trailer

Meal Time Magic Class Trailer

To view each trailer, click on the image.

A Harry Potter Birthday Tribute Magic Show Trailer

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