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Summer 2021 programs

on line and Live

Contact Ed the Wizard for pricing on each program's thumb-drive

and optional program Zoom Q&A. 

2021 virtual programs

New videos for 2021!

Learn Magic and Balloon Twisting with Ed the Wizard! 

Tails and Tales!

Learn Easy Balloon Animal Twisting!

This 10 week Balloon Twisting video class, on a thumb-drive will teach your patrons how to

twist ten easy balloon animals starting with the basic Dog and finishing with a T-Rex and Dragon! 

Twisting will build on the last animal and new twists will be taught as needed. 

A list links will be provided to you for balloon supplies.

(an easy online search for Qualtex Q260 balloons and pumps will provide several sources)

I recommend starting with a Zoom Q&A (optional) where I will discuss where to find balloons and

pumps, demonstrate the basic twists, and answer questions so that when you post the videos

your patrons will be ready with the proper supplies and basic idea of what is about to happen.







Learn Easy Magic!

Learn easy magic with this 10 session magic class series. 

Available to you on an indexed thumb-drive, allowing you to post each video when,

and as often, as you need to fit your schedule; each lesson ranges from 5 to 10 minutes in length

An optional Zoom Q&A final session is available.

Each Magic video will teach patrons how to perform easy magic effects using coins, cards, mind-reading, and more!


Week:     Magic Workshop Video 2021         You will need:

        1      Penny to Quarter                            1 Penny and 1 Quarter

        2      Quarter Tear                                    1 Quarter and Post it notes

        3      Coin through your Hand                1 Quarter

        4      Chickens and the Foxes                7 Pennies

        5      Mind Reading                                  Post it note pad and marker

        6      Mind Reading with Crayons          4 crayons: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

        7      Piano Card Effect                           Full deck of cards

        8      Card prediction Card Force           Full deck of cards

        9      Lucky 7                                            Full deck of cards

      10      Grapes Across                                4 Grapes, or Gumdrops, Marbles, Etc.

                Bonus 2 Card Monte                      4 Playing cards, glue stick or double sided tape



For video preview, click here
Screenshot_2021-03-02 Video details - Yo
For video preview, click here

All programs are available either live with social distancing, or as a prerecorded video.

Each video program will accessible to you on a thumb drive. Each lesson may be released at

your leisure; you maintain full access and ownership of the series.

Also available for 2021, each video is on its own thumb drive.

Reading is Magic Trailer

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For video preview, click here

Alchemy Laboratory Trailer

Meal Time Magic Class Trailer

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For video preview, click here
To view each trailer, click on the image.
Meal Time Icon.png
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A Harry Potter Birthday Tribute Magic Show Trailer

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